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Tips on How to Repurpose Video Content

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Videos are a great way to attract an audience. Creating a video that can get you views requires a lot of effort. You will also need resources for the preparation and production of the video. Video content needs a lot of effort and money, and it’s important that you make the most of it by driving potential traffic to your YouTube channel, your social media platforms, your website, etc.

Even after you have distributed the video on various platforms, you will only get a short-lived outcome. So, what should you do in that situation? Keep making videos? That’s not always possible as each video requires a lot of time and energy. The best solution is to repurpose the video you have already made to make the most of it.

Repurposing content may sound like a complicated process, but it really isn’t. Repurposing your video content includes:

  • Altering the content format. Although you can alter the format of any type of content, you have a wide range of options when it comes to videos. For instance, you can turn a video into audio and share it with your audiences as a podcast, since podcasts are on a rise today. You can also use the script of the video to write a blog post.
  • Reusing the content. When repurposing, you can use the same content in different ways. There’s no restriction on the number of formats you can convert your content into. You can also decide to share it with your audience in different ways, on different platforms. Make sure you choose the format for the right platform. For example, an infographic designed for LinkedIn won’t bring great results once it’s posted on Instagram.

Tips on how to Repurpose Your Video Content

Creatively repurposing your content is more efficient and cost-friendly than creating video content from scratch, and that’s why marketers encourage businesses to repurpose video content. Whether you already have launched a video campaign, or have a highly profitable YouTube channel, you can always take a step forward to convert the video into various forms of content. That’s how your video content breaths a new life rather than just sitting on a shelf.

Let’s explore proven tips on how to repurpose your video content.

Turn into a Blog post

The search volume on YouTube is the highest. Studies show that its search volume is higher than AOL, Yahoo, Bing, and combined! Recently, video content has taken over every social media platform in the form of short videos, live streams, reels, etc. However, blogs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And if you want your website to rank higher on Google, you need to post on it on a regular basis. But creating fresh content from scratch every time is not quite easy, even if you use an AI content writer to help you generate blog posts faster. This is why repurposing your content is always a better way.

The process is easy if you follow it strategically. You can begin the process of repurposing your video content by converting it into audio. Once you have an audio file, you can get it transcribed with the help of software. When you have the written content, you can add headings and keywords to it before publishing it on your blog. It is also important to add images to the blog post to get more views.

Make a Podcast

Podcasts are popular today due to the fact that they are perfect for people with busy schedules. As of 2022, there are a total of 850,000 active podcasts. They are great for active listeners with a convenient on-the-go option. People can listen to the podcasts whether they are walking, driving, or exercising. They can use an app like iTunes, or Spotify, and benefit from podcasts. Alternately, they can’t watch videos while they are busy with another task.

If the sound quality of your video is good, then you can turn your video content into a podcast by making a few changes. Add a small intro and outro and boom you have your podcast episode ready. Do this for all the video content series that you have for a video podcast series. Nowadays, people are turning towards podcasts due to their busy schedules. As a result, your video content will have a higher chance of reaching more people when it has been converted into a podcast.

Create Infographics

Informative videos tend to get more views as they provide people with useful information. However, once your video has run its course, there’s no need to put it on your “useless content” shelf. You can still attract audiences with the help of that video’s content by turning it into an infographic.

Your video content is full of valuable information that you can extract and turn into appealing infographics. Infographics display important information in an easy-to-understand format, which is the number one

reason behind their popularity. So, if you have a video that was the result of a lot of research, you can use that content to create infographics for your audience. It is important to choose the right colors and theme for your infographic for better brand awareness.

If a specific video content series explains a process, then you can create flowcharts graphics. You don’t have to be a professional designer to do that, rather you can use a flowchart maker template to make appealing and engaging flowcharts.

Create Attention-Grabbing Short Video

Let’s be honest, not everyone can sit down and watch an hour-long video. Sometimes it’s boring. But that doesn’t mean people don’t need the information that is being shared in those videos. The solution to this problem is to create a shorter version of your video.

Take the most important information from your video and use it to create a shorter video. A lot of content creators create a TLDW (too long, didn’t watch) version of their videos to facilitate people who don’t have the time for full videos.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When to Repurpose Video Content

Although there are multiple ways to repurpose content, there are a few common mistakes that first-timers end up making. However, if you keep a few tips in mind, you can repurpose your video content in the best way possible.

Outdated Content

Before you could repurpose your content, double-check whether the statistics are updated or not. The digital world is changing pretty fast today. We are living in the age of information where there’s always something new to learn. When everything is changing on a regular basis, and that’s why our content must be updated too.

When you are repurposing your video, it is important to check whether there have been new discoveries or studies relevant to the content. You should only share the repurposed content with your audience once you have updated it with new information and removed all the old and irrelevant data.

Use Tools & Avoid Using Manual Methods

Repurposing your video content doesn’t have to be a complex task. However, if you don’t use tools and try to do everything manually, it would not only complicate everything but also waste a lot of your time.

Everything from audio conversion to transcribing can be done with the help of various tools such as a voice changer. You can also create engaging podcasts with the help of the right tools. You can learn how to use these tools with the help of tutorials that can be found on YouTube.

Most of the tools available for content conversion are simple to use. They also come with a lot of useful features so you can keep your content engaging while altering its format.

Brand awareness

Treat your repurposed content as a fresh approach to improve your brand awareness, but often we forget that thinking it’s just new wine in an old bottle. This is not quite right. It is important to remember the basic purpose of your content, whether it is a video or a podcast. If you want to increase brand awareness, then you should mention your company’s services and products. Simply adding the logo of your company can also increase brand awareness.

Although it is important to include company information in your content, you should not overdo it. Your content should not feel like an ad for your brand because that would make your audience lose interest in it.

Picking Random Video Content and Posting Randomly

Your video content repurposing process should be strategic. You can’t pick up a random video and turn it into a podcast episode and expect it to bring great results. If you really want to scale your numbers, make sure you choose the right order and repurpose it accordingly.

The content of a video is quite different from that of a blog post. In a video, you have the option to use visual cues to keep people engaged. But things get different when you repurpose that video’s content into a podcast or a blog post.

You can make your blog posts engaging by keeping them short and concise and adding pictures relevant to the topic. Similarly, you can make your podcasts engaging by adding facts and background music.

Now that you know videos can be repurposed, it’s time to polish your old content and share it with your audience. What tips do you have on repurposing video content? Do you think our post lacks information on how to repurpose video content? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Mark Smith

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