Success Stories in Content Marketing: The Container Store, Mars Petcare, and Lincoln Financial Group

Key Takeaways:

– The Container Store, Preacher, and PMG collaborated on a successful branding campaign that utilized a digital-first approach and resulted in record-breaking sales.
– Mars Petcare won an award for its annual report, which aimed to increase understanding of pet ownership during the pandemic.
– Lincoln Financial Group’s brand journalism and thought leadership efforts earned it recognition in the Brand Journalism/Online Newsroom category.

The Container Store’s Digital-First Branding Campaign

The Container Store, a leading retailer of storage and organization products, partnered with advertising agency Preacher and digital marketing agency PMG to create a branding campaign that would engage new customers and reconnect with existing ones. The campaign took a digital-first approach, leveraging social media platforms and influencers to reach a wider audience.

One of the key components of the campaign was a TikTok hashtag challenge, where users were encouraged to share videos of their organized spaces using the hashtag #ContainerStoreChallenge. This challenge went viral, with thousands of users participating and sharing their creative organization solutions. The campaign also included partnerships with popular influencers and celebrities who showcased their favorite Container Store products on their social media platforms.

The results of the campaign were impressive. The Container Store saw a significant increase in website traffic and online sales during the campaign period. In fact, the campaign generated record-breaking sales for the company, surpassing all previous sales records. The success of the campaign can be attributed to the strategic use of digital marketing tactics and the ability to connect with customers on a personal level.

Mars Petcare’s Annual Report on Pet Ownership during the Pandemic

Mars Petcare, a global leader in pet food and veterinary care, received an award for its annual report on pet ownership during the pandemic. The report aimed to increase understanding of the impact of the pandemic on pet ownership and provide insights and solutions to address the challenges faced by pet owners and animal shelters.

To create the report, Mars Petcare conducted extensive research, including surveys of pet owners and shelter organizations. The findings of the research were used to identify trends and issues related to pet ownership during the pandemic. The report also highlighted the positive impact of pets on mental health and provided recommendations for supporting pet owners during challenging times.

The launch of the report was accompanied by a comprehensive media outreach strategy, which resulted in significant media coverage and earned media impressions. The report was featured in major news outlets and shared widely on social media platforms. The recognition received for the report not only highlighted Mars Petcare’s commitment to pet welfare but also positioned the company as a thought leader in the industry.

Lincoln Financial Group’s Brand Journalism and Thought Leadership Strategy

Lincoln Financial Group, a leading provider of financial services, was recognized for its brand journalism and thought leadership efforts in the Brand Journalism/Online Newsroom category. The company’s corporate newsroom strategy aimed to effectively communicate information about the company to stakeholders, including employees, investors, and the media.

The corporate newsroom served as a hub for news and insights related to Lincoln Financial Group. It featured articles, videos, and infographics that covered a wide range of topics, including financial planning, retirement, and insurance. The content was created by a team of in-house writers and subject matter experts, ensuring that it was accurate, informative, and engaging.

The brand journalism efforts of Lincoln Financial Group helped to establish the company as a trusted source of information in the financial services industry. The content produced by the company was widely shared and cited by industry publications and media outlets. The recognition received for its brand journalism and thought leadership strategy further solidified Lincoln Financial Group’s position as a leader in the industry.


The success stories of The Container Store, Mars Petcare, and Lincoln Financial Group in the content marketing awards highlight the importance of strategic and innovative approaches to branding and communication. These companies utilized digital marketing tactics, research-driven reports, and brand journalism strategies to engage their target audiences and achieve their business objectives. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing new trends and technologies, these companies were able to stand out in their respective industries and earn recognition for their outstanding content marketing efforts.

Written by Martin Cole

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