Discovering the Success of 160/90: An Innovative and People-Centric Agency

Unveiling the Strategies and Achievements of 160/90 in the PR Industry

Key Takeaways:

  • 160/90, a midsize agency, stands out for its focus on people, both internally and in client relationships.
  • The agency boasts an impressive client retention rate, with numerous high-profile brands in its portfolio.
  • Employee support and inclusivity initiatives contribute to 160/90’s success.
  • Innovation drives the agency’s approach, with programs like Brand Health Studies, Influencer as Programmatic Advertising, and Creator Marketing.

The Rise of 160/90: A Midsize Agency Making Waves

160/90, a dynamic and forward-thinking midsize agency, has made a significant impact in the world of public relations. With a strong emphasis on people and innovative strategies, the agency has garnered attention and recognition for its outstanding work with clients and its dedication to its employees.

As a wholly-owned agency under Endeavor, 160/90 has built an impressive portfolio of high-profile brands and established connections across various industries. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results for their clients has contributed to their growth and success.

Client Retention and High-Profile Collaborations

One of the notable aspects of 160/90’s achievements is its exceptional client retention rate. With 24 clients having worked with the agency for seven or more years, including renowned brands like Coca-Cola, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Marriott, and Visa, 160/90 has proven its ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships and deliver consistent results.

The agency continues to collaborate with numerous high-profile brands, showcasing their expertise and versatility. T-Mobile, Hollister, Reebok, and Allstate are among the brands that have benefited from 160/90’s creative and strategic approach. The agency’s involvement in launching Klarna’s first Super Bowl ad further solidifies their reputation as a top-tier agency.

People-Oriented Approach and Employee Support

At the core of 160/90’s success lies its strong focus on people. The agency not only prioritizes client relationships but also places great importance on supporting and empowering its employees. This commitment is reflected in various initiatives and programs designed to foster a positive and inclusive work environment.

One such initiative is the “We the Change” employee group, which actively promotes inclusivity, anti-racism, social justice, and other important causes. Additionally, the agency encourages creativity and collaboration through “The Big Pitch,” where employees present content ideas to William Morris Endeavor (WME) agents, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement among the team.

Innovation and Forward-Thinking Strategies

160/90 differentiates itself through its dedication to innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge strategies. In 2020, the agency focused on three key programs that allowed them to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional results for their clients.

The Brand Health Studies program delves deep into understanding content creators, examining awareness, perception, and purchase intent. By uncovering the “why” behind purchase decisions, 160/90 enhances their ability to create impactful and effective campaigns.

With Influencer as Programmatic Advertising, the agency taps into the power of influencers to drive mid/lower-funnel activity. By leveraging programmatic advertising, 160/90 maximizes the reach and impact of their influ encer collaborations.

Furthermore, the agency embarked on a comprehensive Creator Marketing initiative that reexamined their relationship with influencers and creators. This initiative has led to the establishment of long-term partnerships for sustained success, ensuring the agency’s campaigns have a lasting impact.


160/90 has emerged as a trailblazer in the PR industry, thanks to its people-centric approach, exceptional client relationships, and commitment to innovation. With a focus on fostering inclusivity and supporting its employees, the agency has created a positive work environment that fuels creativity and collaboration.

The agency’s impressive client retention rate and collaborations with high-profile brands showcase its ability to consistently deliver outstanding results. Through innovative programs like Brand Health Studies, Influencer as Programmatic Advertising, and Creator Marketing, 160/90 stays at the forefront of industry trends and ensures its clients receive exceptional strategic solutions.

As 160/90 continues to prioritize people, drive innovation, and cultivate successful partnerships, the agency is poised to further solidify its position as a leader in the PR industry.

Written by Martin Cole

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